An Astrological and Numerological Case Study of

An American Icon

Abraham Lincoln: The Great Emancipator

The 16th President of the

United States
(February 12th, 1809 - April 15th, 1865)

He was tall, intense, poetic as well as endowed with an unforgettable sense of humor. Self-taught lawyer, doting father, devoted husband and legendary statesman, no one ever forgot the 16th President after meeting him. In this analysis, we will be discussing Abraham Lincoln's temperament, emotions, career, personal convictions, his children as well as his marriage and relationships---all seen through the eyes of astrology and numerology. We will also look at his compatibility with his parents.

Born on February 12th, 1809, just after sun up, Aquarian Abraham Lincoln was born into and grew up in the midst of sheer poverty. Self-educated and endowed with a formidable intellect, he yearned to rise above the expectations his father had for him and be more than just a farm hand. This future president often went shoeless as a small child; the poverty he endured made him remarkably humble as he grew into a young man.

Described as very ambitious (his Moon sign was Capricorn), his dreams (ruled by Neptune) were deeply connected to his success or failure as a man (Neptune in the 10th house of career). His natal Neptune was in Sagittarius, signifying his love of justice, the proper execution and interpretation of the law. The presence of the planet Neptune near the Mid-heaven or career sector, also shows that his chosen profession had something to do with serving others in a profound and emotional way (after all, he became the Great Emancipator).

With the 9th sign of justice ruling his profession angle or sector, he was called upon to serve as a judge in a few cases in his pre-Washington days when his close friend, who was a judge in Illinois, needed someone fair and impartial to fill in for him. Lincoln was happy to oblige.

Lincoln and his Father

With his Sun position in the very first house of his natal chart and a Sun trine Mars aspect, this was a man who would undoubtedly stand out in a crowd and attract attention, which is invaluable if one were a budding politician. It also signifies a strong constitution and robust health. Lincoln was physically a strong man due to being put to work at a very early age in the fields of his father, and he enjoyed wrestling as a young man. With his Sun conjunct his Ascendant, his natural leadership abilities came out when in the midst of a crowd. However, when it came to authority figures, it was his father, Thomas Lincoln, with whom he had the most trouble.

His Sun also squares his Saturn in his astrological chart, which explains why his relationship with his father was so strained. Saturn symbolizes the father-figure in a natal chart. The rift between them began when his father began to 'rent' him out to neighbors to work in their fields and took the money for himself without sharing it with young Lincoln, who thought he was the rightful earner of that income. He also beat and whipped his son, something Lincoln never repeated with his own sons.

The Sun/Saturn astrological aspect suggests that Lincoln felt that his father was unfair with him and therefore, he viewed himself harshly. He may have felt that the protection, guidance or emotional sustenance that his father should have offered was not there. Saturn brings discipline and in this his case, Lincoln had to become his own father and use his own judgment as opposed to asking for parental guidance when advice was needed.

His alienation from and anger toward his father, who he thought was unnecessarily strict with him, never healed. Lincoln did not attend his father funeral. When a Uranus influnced person, meaning an Aquarian (Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus) decides that someone should be cut out of their lives, they almost never let them back in. Aquarians are fixed by temperament and this also applies to their likes and dislikes. It seems that Lincoln had his own reasons.

Lincoln's Friendly Style

With both Pluto and Jupiter also in the 1st house of his astrological chart, he was both very intense sometimes, as well as fun to be around at other times. When he rode the circuit as a lawyer, people couldn't wait for him to come to their town so they could hear him share stories and hilarious jokes at their local taverns (Moon sextile Jupiter). He brought a palpable sense of community wherever he went. With a Capricorn Moon position, his jokes were often at his own expense and this self-deprecating humor endeared him to many.

Jupiter's position in Lincoln's chart also tells us that Lincoln had a strong sense of what is morally right or wrong and in his case, he said that human slavery was unacceptable. Jupiter, the ultimate judge of situations, supports Lincoln's belief, as did the world after he was killed. A natural storyteller, born under the expressive 3 vibration numerologically, speech was a very important element in understanding him. Communicating, sharing information and learning from as well as teaching people was crucial to his emotional well-being. Socially, Lincoln blossomed in the midst of his friends and colleagues.

Lincoln's Birth Number was 3 and his Destiny Number was Mercurial 5. Aquarius is the eleventh sign, and therefore is connected to humanitarian issues or issues on a global scale. In Lincoln's case it was civil rights. The astrological 11th house also rules friends. In many ways, Lincoln saw everyone as his friend and instantly put people at ease. This trait of his was remembered by the soldiers of the Civil War, especially the ones who were encamped outside the White House, who recalled him sitting with them, eating a plate of their army beans and drinking a cup of army coffee, commenting that it was better than the food he ate at the White House. Fiery Mary Todd, who was sitting next to him when he said this, did not appreciate that comment for obvious reasons.

Persevering in the Midst of Adversities & His Melancholia

Saturn conjuncts his Mid-heaven or career sector in his astrological chart, meaning that Lincoln had to really struggle in the beginning of his political career and many set-backs were endured by him. It also signifies that in whatever career he chose, he would prefer to be in a leadership position, serving as a guide to others. His was a very unique persona, in that the same man who could be the life of the party one moment could also very quickly sink into a deep, dark depression. He called it being "down in the dumps" and enduring the "hypos".

His Moon sign was Capricorn, Mercury squared Saturn and his Saturn conjuncted Neptune in his astrological chart, and these positions can shed some light on this distinctive trait of his and the possible reasons behind it. His Moon and Chiron (which signifies deep emotional wounding) are in the 12th house of dreams, karma and karmic reorganization, the subconscious and total emotional/psychological immersion. When he was blue, Lincoln really was struggling to breathe and break free on many levels.

His Mother: Nancy Hanks Lincoln

The Moon, which holds the maternal influence in astrology, also tells us about his mother, who tragically died when Lincoln was only 8 years old. Lincoln called Nancy Hanks Lincoln his "angel mother". Often referred to by Lincoln historians as the most traumatic experience of his life, we can see that he carried the pain of losing her with him and relived it with disastrous consequences in his future life. He also lost his sister and a younger brother. But the loss of his mother Nancy Hanks Lincoln was a primary wounding that just would not let go of him.

Abraham Lincoln's First Love

Many stories have been written about Lincoln's first love, a beautiful and intellectual woman named Ann Rutledge whom he met in New Salem. She died very young, some say right after agreeing to be engaged to him, and caused Lincoln to almost have a nervous breakdown over her, as it must have brought up memories of his mother's sudden loss. It is said that Lincoln's wife, Mary Todd, hated hearing about her and refused to believe that he ever loved Ann. Ann's brother corroborated their romance after Ann passed away. And William Herndon, Lincoln's biographer, close friend and law partner from his Springfield, IL days observed that Lincoln thought about Ann often, if not daily and still grieved her loss.

Ann's full birth data is gone forever, but I did locate her date of birth. She was born on January 7th, 1813, and her Sun was in Capricorn, while her moon sign was Pisces. This indicates that, at least at first glance, she would have been very compatible with Lincoln had they had been married. Ann's Capricorn Sun and Lincoln's Capricorn Moon were a beautiful astrological match. And Lincoln's three Pisces placements in his own chart would have further aided their marriage, promoting sympathy for one another and helping them develop an intuitive side. Ann, numerologically, was a Neptunian 7 (her Destiny Number was 3 and ruled by Jupiter, which found a link into Lincoln's Birth Number 3, the ruler of which is Jupiter) and Lincoln was an authentic 3 personality. Her sensitivity would have caused her to understand him and his melancholy nature perhaps better than the woman he eventually chose to marry.

Mary Lincoln's Powerful Influence

Mary Lincoln may have been good for Lincoln's career, but for his emotional well-being, she couldn't have been a more ill-chosen partner. Mary was a Sagittarius and Lincoln had this sign on his Mid-heaven, or career corner in his astrological chart. Much higher up on the status ladder than he was when they first met, she brought connections with her as well as social acceptance and respectability, something Lincoln in those days did not possess. The author of this analysis firmly believes that Lincoln did not marry Mary for advancement; this was simply not in his nature, but he may have done so under social pressure.

Also, most significantly, Mary's Cancer Moon sign opposed Lincoln's Capricorn Moon sign, so while they were strongly attracted to each other, there were also those undeniable differences in their "opposite natures" as Mary put it herself, that became more pronounced as the couple began to mature and age together. Mary's lost her mother very early in life and she never forgave her father for remarrying so quickly after this loss. Her Cancer Moon sign found a perfect surrogate father in Lincoln, who was older than her and who treated her with the same attention as a parent would a child.

Mary's Jealousy

Later in life, Mary Lincoln took to accusing the mild-mannered President of flirting with women, reverting back to the insecurity and betrayal she felt when her father brought home her stepmother after her mother died. This jealousy continued until the end of the marriage upon Lincoln's assassination. With Mars, the planet of attack and arguments, in the house of intimacy and psychological connections made through intimate contact, Lincoln had a rather violent married life.

Historians have long acquiesced that Mary was hard to live with, but a little known fact about both Mary and Lincoln was that she was a highly emotional woman (due to her Cancer Moon sign) who had a bad habit of screaming at (often in public and on the streets of Springfield, Illinois with people watching) and physically hitting her husband. This began to occur after they wed.

The chosen weapon would sometimes be books, pieces of fire-wood or potatoes.  On another occasion, at a particularly early time in their marriage, when they lived at the Globe Tavern as a young newly wed couple, he had to request her repeatedly to hurry up and come down for breakfast (she had a habit of always arriving late). When he came up the last time to ask her to make haste (there was a rule in that tavern that breakfast only commenced when all the members of the tavern had assembled at the dining table) Mary threw a hot cup of coffee on Lincoln's face; it was one she picked up from a tray that a maid servant was carrying across the room.

On another well documented occasion, Mary hit him across his face and drew blood from Lincoln's nose, which was witnessed by a family friend during their days at home in Springfield, IL before the presidency years (it seems he had not brought home the right piece of meat from the butcher that she had requested.) He simply wiped the blood off his nose with a handkerchief and quietly went back to work at his law office where his friend, who saw this episode transpire, followed him. When questioned about the turbulence at home caused by a sometimes irrational wife (as evidenced negative effects of the emotional sign of Cancer), which caused him to spend many a night sleeping at his office, Lincoln said that letting Mary have her outbursts did him "little harm and her, a lot of good." His patience with her infuriated many of his closest friends.

Martial Violence

Where did this marital violence come from? Is it visible in his astrological chart that his wife would be so uncaring and erratic with him? In the early days of courtship, Lincoln had doubts about his upcoming marriage to Mary and broke off their relationship early on. They later reconciled and wed, mainly due to the intervention of close acquaintances who told them to "be friends". But it was observed by close male friends that he agreed to marriage because he had given his word to her, and that is why he married Mary Todd. Honor was something very close to Lincoln's heart. And in that time of strictly enforced social manners and etiquette, promising to marry a respectable lady and then changing your mind caused people to doubt the character of a man.

Lincoln was an Aquarian, and Aquarians are fixed by temperament, and it became a question of honor to him (Venus trine Saturn). Thus they married. After they wed, Mary, who was herself very emotionally volatile, had trouble adjusting to the new life she had built with her husband. But Lincoln treated her with the utmost gentility. With his Uranus squaring his Ascendant in his astrological chart, it must have taken a lot of his energy in making sure that the marriage did not break up, because this aspect shows a person who will not tolerate being told what to do, how to wear his clothes and which fork to use at the dinner table. Mary had a habit of doing just that.

Liberation via Change

The decision to free three and a half million slaves did not come easily to Lincoln and he agonized over the right course to take for months. Any person with the Sun sign of Aquarius may be reluctant to move ahead if the course ahead is unclear, but if a decision has to be made, it will be made when no one expects it and will come out of the blue. Aquarians often act suddenly. Plagued by incompetent generals, political game-playing in Congress, and even within his own Cabinet, Lincoln had few supporters.

It was during the time of the terrible Civil War that Lincoln became despised on both sides of the war. With Pluto in the first house of his astrological chart, he knew a radical change was coming and that it would end up changing the face of the nation completely. This was thanks to Pluto, a planet that brings about change on a deep, unseen level. The change first occurred emotionally inside of Lincoln himself (1st house), and only then did he give it a structure that the country could accept.

The President's Dreams

Lincoln's dream-life was particularly telling. With Neptune (ruling oceans, seas and all bodies of water) on his Mid-heaven or profession sector, his dreams often involved the element of water where he was sailing rapidly toward an uncertain shore in an indescribable vessel, not really knowing what to expect. Uranus is interestingly in his 8th house of death in his astrological chart, in his case sudden, unexpected death caused by sometimes hidden, and sometimes open enemies.

Mars also in that 8th sector denotes a death which is caused by fire (Mars), in this case, a bullet from a pistol fired in extreme anger (Mars rules anger). Mars' position shows us that his death would be a most violent one and that he, as the victim would have no chance to react or protect himself. Indeed he was shot at before, by thankfully the killer missed, even though he managed to put a hole through Lincoln's stovepipe hat that night as Lincoln was riding to the Soldier's Home.

Lincoln's young 26 year old assassin, whose performances he came come to greatly admire, shot him from behind, never giving him a chance to see his attacker. It is noteworthy that Venus-ruled stage performer, John Wilkes Booth once received a note from an audience member after a particularly good performance on stage. The note was from Lincoln and read that the President wished to meet with the actor privately and congratulate him on his work that night. Lincoln was an avid reader of Shakespeare's tragedies and poems (He often carried around books of poetry in his coat). The actor declined to meet him.

The 8th house of his astrological chart, also known as the death house, contains both Mars and Uranus and is also a Venus-ruled house like the Venus-ruled Mr. Booth.The planet Pluto, which is in Lincoln's 1st house, signifies a power that is not human and yet, is extremely volatile, uncontrollable and potent. Ruling the 8th house of death, regeneration and rebirth, Pluto has a special significance in this analysis as it is placed in the house that shows Lincoln himself, his identity and sense of who he thought he was, as opposed to the 7th house, which rules anyone who is not us, rules "the others", including our enemies who in this case, are not hiding, but approach us in the open, in front of people.

The planet of death itself, both metaphorically and physically, Pluto sought to shake up the very foundations of the country, without thought to how many men died, so that millions could breathe free. Pluto used death (of soldiers and Lincoln himself) to unchain three and a half million men, women and children from a life that they equated to a daily death. It used killing to liberate and recreate an entire section of the population.

It forcefully pushed a mindset that glorified the institution of slavery and once the war was started, Pluto was in its element. The tradition of human bondage was broken and history was rewritten as a result. There was a conjunction of the planets Mercury and Pluto at the time of Lincoln's birth, and it is interesting to note that the very same conjunction occurred when he lay dying at the Petersen House.

Pluto in this case would mean that Lincoln had set about to annihilate (Pluto) the injustice of human slavery from the face of America at great personal cost. Mercury, or his ideas and thinking pattern, caused an assassin to shoot him in the middle of a crowded theater with his wife sitting 2 feet from him. Pluto and Mercury show us that Lincoln died (Pluto rules death metaphorically) for his ideas (which are ruled by Mercury).

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln created a gigantic, gaping wound in the psyche of the nation, similar to what the nation went through when President Kennedy was taken by another assassin's bullet. Abraham Lincoln was a visionary, a poet and a daring thinker in a time when his thoughts were so forbidden that someday it would cost him his own life.

Which is why President Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emacipator, has been chosen to be featured and analyzed in this section. We conclude this analysis with a beautiful poem by Louisa May Alcott.

"No breath of shame
Can touch his shield,
Nor ages dim its shine.
Living, he made life beautiful,
Dying, made death divine..."

Louisa May Alcott

Lincoln's Compatibility with his Parents

Abraham Lincoln ~ Aquarius Sun and Capricorn Moon   3 ~ 5

Thomas Lincoln ~ Capricorn Sun and Aries Moon    6 ~ 3

Nancy Hanks Lincoln ~ Aquarius Sun and Leo Moon   5 ~ 9

Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln ~ Sagittarius Sun and Gemini Moon 4 ~ 4

In the author's astrological and numerological research, it was found that there are incredible similarities between the numerological and astrological make-up of Lincoln and his father,Thomas Lincoln and his birth mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln. Lincoln's Capricorn Moon connects to his father, Thomas Lincoln's Capricorn Sun sign. Lincoln's Sun sign of Aquarius connects to his mother, Nancy's Sun sign of Aquarius. He was indeed a special combination of both parents in both temperament and emotion and the delicate intricacies of both parents may have been subtly reproduced in Lincoln as he became a mature young man.

Numerologically, we see a significant personality pattern redevelop. Lincoln's Birth Number of 3 blends with his father's Destiny Number 3. Lincoln's Destiny Number of 5 blends beautifully with the Birth Number of his mother Nancy which is 5.

Physically, Lincoln was taller than his father Thomas. At 6 feet 4 inches, he must have towered above his 5 feet 9 inch father. Lincoln inherited his father's coarse black hair that had a habit of never staying in one place. Today, we find it endearing and would never want to change anything about Lincoln, but we can imagine Mary Todd Lincoln , who was quite the perfectionist, running after him before public appearances trying to pat down his hair with a brush and try to make him look more groomed. According to her, that is. Mary had a pronounced Cancer Moon which, when seen in its extreme form, will try to mother grown men in public which any self-respecting man, Victorian or otherwise, would scarcely tolerate. Lincoln, though, was a very patient man.

Lincoln's grey eyes, it is said, only came alive when he was telling jokes and making everyone double over with laughter. This is very typical of Capricorn Moon or Sun positions, where if the person is happy, they are the life of the gathering, and when they are gloomy, you cannot reach them emotionally for hours or even days. Surrounded by his male friends, talking and laughing, telling hilarious stories, this was how Lincoln relaxed and kicked back, so to speak. His legendary depression may have come from his mother. And his tendency to withdraw from Mary, when she was having one of her hysterical spells, may have come from his aloof father. When a Capricorn Sun becomes aloof, it can be very difficult to bring them out of that mood. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn is hard, if not impossible to coax.

Why didn't Lincoln get along with his father if they had so many astrological and numerological similarities? What stood in the way of a stable, healthy father-son relationship? Who pushed whom away for the relationship to deteriorate to such an extent that Lincoln couldn't even get himself to go to his father's funeral? The answer may lie in the Sun sign of the father, which is earthy Capricorn. Thomas Lincoln's Sun and Moon sign clashed with each other. Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) and Mars (ruler of Aries) are very opposite energies and these planets have to be understood well in order to make sure that such a clash doesn't cause a serious disruption in the personality of the person with this combination. Saturn caused Thomas Lincoln to doubt true affection when it was offered and Mars may have caused him to lash out at one person when he was angry at another. In its most negative manifestation, Saturn can be dictatorial and cruel, unfeeling and purposely distant, even if they know it is killing loved ones to be shut out of their life like that.

As a 3 and a 5, expressive, talkative and eager to share experiences and ideas, little boy Lincoln may have reached out repeatedly to his father but may have only succeeded in arounsing his ire instead of his love. Thomas Lincoln himself may not have had a healthy relationship with his own father, and may have taken out those unresolved emotions on the next available male in his family, his son.

Thomas Lincoln worked hard all his life and may not have understood the needs and wants that were slowly developing inside his sensitive and poetic son. The tenderness that his mother Nancy showed Lincoln while she was alive was an incredibly necessary balm to Lincoln's newly emerging sense of self. It is said that she sang him mournful Scottish ballads and read to him from the Bible. The careful reading of the Bible was something Lincoln continued to do as President (even though he was maligned for not being a true, church-going Christian), most especially when he was feeling the most torment and anxiety he had ever felt in his life. These were the terrible and unforgettable years of the Civil War that tore the nation as well as families apart.

Thomas Lincoln had an Aries Moon which can pose a lot of problems in a man who does not or cannot make an effort to understand another's point of view. An emotionally immature man will make an emotionally closed father who will shut everyone out. An Aries Moon functioning under the influence of a Capricorn Sun can appear extremely harsh to a sensitive boy who may wonder why his father never says anything loving to him or never utters a word of praise for his son, but instead hands him an axe and orders him to begin clearing parts of a forest, day after day. Today, we know that little Lincoln would have preferred a book on poetry more than an axe in his little hands.

Being an expressive 3, Lincoln would have liked to hear both his parents talk with him regularly, be more like friends than strict, authority figures, joke around and have fun with him, allowing him to shed the fears he held inside as a child. Nancy was an Aquarius mother. She had a Leo Moon which tells us that she was indeed the more involved and open-hearted of the two parents, which may be why Lincoln gravitated toward her as a boy. His sun conjuncted hers (meaning they were in the same sign), and both of them could understand each other more easily than others could. If Lincoln would have been allowed to live a long, natural and healthy life, and if his mother wouldn't have died of milk-sickness, their bond would have been so close and so loving, that Lincoln would never have needed a best friend for the rest of his life.

Joshua Speed, Lincoln's one time best friend, could not have been as close to Lincoln as his mother would have been. A Leo Moon gave Nancy an open, accepting heart, as Leo rules the 5th house of children and fun in astrology. Nancy's Sun and Moon were opposing each other (Aquarius and Leo are polar opposites), and while Lincoln's Sun also opposed his mother's Moon in Leo, they would, being bonded through the attachment of family, have made an extra effort to understand each other and communicate their feelings to each other, something Thomas Lincoln was incapable of doing.

Nancy was a 5, which is also Lincoln's Destiny Number. The 5 number is 'teacher/educator' number, an intellectual number, wanting to read, exchange information, collect books, talk about different things and could get very restless if there was no one to converse with in the wilderness. Lincoln's bond with his mother was intellectual, as well as familial. She may have given him his love of knowledge and books, literature, poetry and reading (Lincoln himself composedmany moving poems , which shows us that a 3 person heals himself through the written word). Her early, gentle guidance may have been the most precious thing he got from her.

Lincoln may also have harbored an antagonism toward his father after his mother passed away because he may have felt that perhaps, his father did not do enough to help protect his mother when she was sick. Moving around with a little family, having to cut a path in the forest and relocate his family over and over because of land disputes may have taken a toll on Thomas Lincoln. This was something little Abraham could not have comprehended as a child. Thomas Lincoln's Birth Number was 6, and perhaps this inwardly sensitive, Venus-ruled man could not fathom living life without a partner. He brought home a new wife after Nancy died, but took six months to find her, pay off her debts and return home while his children (and hers from her previous marriage), Lincoln and his sister Sarah, were alone in a shabby little log house.

Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln was the heaven-sent relief that lay in store for little Lincoln. Most step-mothers have a dreadful reputation, but Sarah proved that she may have, with her incredible tenderness, awareness, care and encouragement, helped rebuild the shattered psyche of Lincoln as a boy who had seen his mother being placed in a coffin and buried before his eyes. A Capricorn Moon, Lincoln may never have been able to erase that painful sight from him mind, something that may have made his later breakups all the more hard to live through. This type of Moon sign relives the past over and over, the more painful the loss or episode, the more they helplessly relive those moments.

Lincoln's new mother repaired the damaged heart of Lincoln, and, as was stated by Lincoln's cousin later on, she would encourage Lincoln to read to her often. If Thomas Lincoln came into the room (it irritated him to see Lincoln reading instead of working in the field) and protested that Lincoln was "a'botherin'' her, Sarah would insist that Lincoln keep on reading. Sarah was a Sagittarius 4 with the same Destiny Number. A double 4, if you will, she helped create a foundation in Lincoln's life where there had been none before. The two 4s in her numerological grid complement his Aquarius Sun beautifully, because Uranus rules both the number 4 as well as the sign of Aquarius. Her Gemini Moon may have resonated smoothly with Lincoln's Destiny Number 5 (both are ruled by intellectually insatiable Mercury). She may also have talked to him and communicated with him more than anyone else in the small family. His Sun in Aquarius was a wonderful match with her Moon in fellow Air sign Gemini.

Later, Lincoln was to marry a short but vivacious and intelligent Sagittarian lady who was born by the same sign as Sarah Bush Johnston (Mary and Sarah were incredibly born on the same day, December 13th) and also shared her Birth Number of 4. The number 4 would pop up many times in Lincoln's life. He was to have a son born by that number as well.

Lincoln and Ann ~ A Love That Never Faded

Abraham Lincoln ~ February 12, 1809 ~ Birth Number 3, Destiny Number 5

Ann Rutledge ~ January 7, 1813 ~ Birth Number 7, Destiny Number 3

Lincoln's Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Capricorn

Ann's Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Pisces

Abraham Lincoln's first serious love relationship was with a beautiful and petite redhead named Ann Rutledge . It was rumored that they drew closer and were engaged soon after Ann broke off her engagement with a man who promised her he would return for her but never did. Lincoln was studying to become a lawyer and was going to marry Ann after he got his law degree, which he was pursuing at New Salem, Illinois. Fate, however, did not allow Lincoln to wed Ann and she died prematurely, leaving Lincoln totally adrift emotionally.

When we look at the numerological combination of Ann and Lincoln, we see a compatibility that is both wondrous, because of its synergy and also sorrowful, because theirs was a love never to be consumated.

Lincoln had a Birth Number of 3 and a Destiny Number of 5. His Sun was in Aquarius and his Moon was in Capricorn.

Ann had a Birth Number of 7 as well as a Pisces Moon (Neptune rules both the sign as well as the number). Her Destiny Number was 3, a perfect match for Lincoln's Birth Number of 3. A match between Ann's Destiny Number and Lincoln's Birth Number show that they would have had a great interest, and have been bound together, as a couple, in all things Jupiterian like the law, the justice system, the improvement of it so that all human beings are treated fairly and equally as well as an interest in travel, teaching, learning and higher education. This is a beautiful sign for an understanding marriage.

Her Sun sign was Capricorn (matching Lincoln's Moon sign of Capricorn, making this a sign that ancient Astrologers defined as a marriage sign in most cases) and her Moon was in soft, dreamy and spiritual Pisces, matching Lincoln's natal Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto, all in Pisces. Conjunctions aren't everything in Astrology, but well placed conjunctions with good aspects to other planets help with lending longevity, trust and stability to a marriage.

Unfortunately, there is no record of the time of Ann's birth and we cannot tell if she was born in the daytime or the night. Which is why we cannot create a natal chart for her with all the houses and ascertain her Rising sign. But by taking a brief glance over their basic signs and numbers, we can tell that Ann would have been a beautiful, sensitive and healthy addition to the emotional Mr. Lincoln's life. The sentimental 16th President once commented, years later in the White House, to a friend that there was never a day that went by that he did not remember Ann. What a tragic but beautiful love story theirs is.

If anyone has unique information on Abraham Lincoln or on Ann Rutledge's correct time of birth, or verification of when she was born (night or day), the author of this site would like to speak with you.

Abraham and Mary’s Children

Let’s talk a bit about Abraham and Mary Lincoln’s children and their connection to them as seen through the eyes of astrology and numerology. It is virtually impossible to determine the Rising signs of the children (due to a lack of accurate birth times), but their Sun and Moon signs shed a lot of light of the closeness between parents and children. The Lincoln children called their parents “Pa” and “Ma”. Robert was known affectionately as Bob or Bobbie when he was younger, Edward was known as Eddie (who died at only 3), William was Willie and the notorious little bundle of mischief named Thomas was known as Tad or Taddie.

While they still lived in Springfield, Illinois, before the presidential years, Sagittarius Mary would often send the kids off in search for their father so that he would come home to dinner. The ever friendly Aquarian Lincoln, as always, would find the time to talk to and chat with any friend or neighbor on the way, and in equally absent-minded fashion, forget that there was a very annoyed little fire sign wife at home who was waiting to get dinner on the table. The townspeople would often watch with delight as the kids would hunt him out and try to tear him away from his conversation with his friends by tugging at his coattails with their tiny hands, pulling and leaning backwards with all their might in an effort to bring him home. Lincoln would know exactly what the little pranksters were trying to do and would continue to talk to his buddy, totally unmoved by the little demonstration going on behind him. No doubt Mary had to take his coat in to the tailor’s more than once to have it fixed! The Lincolns were a close loving family, and like all families, there were adjustments that needed to be made.

The Lincoln children didn't meet Thomas or Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln, and if they would have, it would have been quite a culture shock for them. The elder Lincolns were simple, honest people, who lived close to the earth and were much more approachable than Mary's slightly "upper class" type of family. Robert may have had some objections to spending time with the elder Lincolns, but the younger boys would have loved the natural, rustic and healthier setting of their grandparents lifestyle. Also, there is no doubt that meeting the boys would have given Thomas Lincoln a chance to view his son in a brand new light, and perhaps even feel a bit guilty for having treated Lincoln so very harshly as a boy. It would have opened his eyes to see his son as a respected father and up-and-coming, erudite statesman of the highest quality.

Robert Todd Lincoln

Sun in Leo
Moon in Libra
Birth Number 1
Destiny Number 7

The first thing people say when they look at a picture of Robert is that he looks nothing like Lincoln! That is certainly true, Robert was 5' 10" and Lincoln was much taller. Robert resembled his mother's side of the family physically; his nose is the same as Mary's, although his eye problems were inherited from Lincoln who also had trouble with the muscles of his left eye. The Lincoln’s first-born son Robert, or Bob, as he was called, had an interesting and highly publicized relationship with his famous father. In many ways he did not acclimate to the fame that came with being the son of the Great Emancipator. Lincoln was a Sun sign Aquarius and Robert was a Sun sign Leo. Aquarius and Leo are polar-opposite signs and while they will be drawn to one another through the bonds of genuine affection, there may also be an inexplicable inability to understand what makes the other tick. In a romantic setting, this can prove to be invaluable and create an attraction; each partner who has a Sun sign that is the opposite of the other, may feel drawn to their partner but also feel uneasy around them. Each must learn from the other the attributes that might bring them greater wisdom. But usually, there is a hesitancy to do this.

In an inalterable family setting, this estrangement-causing opposition can prove disheartening. Historians have long spoken of Robert’s desire to get closer to his father but for some reason, also feel as though he was deliberately left out of the family loop sometimes. Robert was shy and had tastes and mannerisms that were typical “Toddisms” or they reflected the likes and dislikes of his mother’s side of the family, the well-known, aristocratic Todds of Lexington, Kentucky. When he was sent to his grandfather’s house as a boy, Robert felt strangely at home in the affluent surroundings of the maternal side of his family. Later in life he would show the same impeccable taste in clothing and etiquette that his grandfather, after whom he had been named, Robert Todd, would have been proud of.

Later, Robert wrote that "During my childhood and early youth he was almost constantly away from home, attending courts or making political speeches. In 1859 when I was sixteen and when he was beginning to devote himself more to practice in his own neighborhood, and when I would have both the inclination and the means of gratifying my desire to become better acquainted with the history of his struggles, I went to New Hampshire to school and afterward to Harvard College, and he became President. Henceforth any great intimacy between us became impossible. I scarcely even had ten minutes quiet talk with him during his Presidency, on account of his constant devotion to business."

Aquarian Lincoln had a rustic and irresistible allure about him. People found him endearing and easy to approach while they found “The Prince of Rails” (the nickname for Robert given to him by the newspapers of the day) aloof, aristocratic and distant. Robert’s Libra Moon signified his leanings toward the niceties of life; he was cultured, well-mannered, romantic (a broken heart in his teens left him bereft for some time) and was desperate to come across to the world as dignified and respectable. Robert had suffered one loss already - in the summer of 1863 when the daughter of the Prussian minister to Washington got married. Lincoln private secretary John Hay wrote John Nicolay that "Bob was so shattered by the wedding of the idol of all of us, the bright particular Teutonne, that he rushed madly off to sympathize with nature [the White Mountains of New Hampshire] in her sternest aspects." With a Libra Moon, how could he not be of a most romantic bent of mind?

A Leo Sun gave him a proud and royal bearing and he took particular care to dress very elegantly, in an age when people dressed rather well as a rule. Robert has been described by biographers as easily hurt, easily embarrassed (especially by his slightly outrageous mother's fhasion sense, her spending habits and her tell-it-like-it-is attitude) and able to maintain a stoic appearance even if faced by a terrible crisis. Robert’s Sun, Mercury as well as Chiron, all in Leo (in a stellium format) show us that he was extremely sensitive to rebuke and would yearn for the approval of his loved ones, especially his father, but be unable to voice this need, hoping that his father would just understand.

Robert’s luck in life came clearly through his Aquarian father (his Jupiter is in Aquarius). Technically, with an amiable and diplomatic Libra Moon, he should have enjoyed a wonderfully close connection with his father (his Libra Moon trined Lincoln's Aquarian Sun very nicely, and Libra Moon people can usually get along with any person, no matter how different they are from them; this is the Moon sign of the integrator), but history records that while both father and son indubitably tried to get emotionally nearer one another, they failed to some degree.

Robert sometimes blamed his high-strung and over-emotional mother (her Moon was in Cancer) for giving too much attention to the younger boys (Willie and Tad, especially after young Eddie passed away at 3). All of Springfield, Illinois, knew how shamelessly the Lincolns spoiled their little boys. At family dinner where guests were invited to a lavish meal, Lincoln would always serve his boys first, "Children come first in this house" he'd proudly say. People frowned on their indulging their children incessantly. Robert was much older than his two younger brothers. Somewhere in sensitive Robert’s heart, he hoped to find a way to bridge the emotional gap that had developed between his parents and himself, a gap that had developed into an great schism over time, especially after he went off to college at Exeter and then to Harvard. This physical distance took precious days, months and years away from him, years in which he could have developed a more tender bond with his father, a male presence he really needed in his life. All the while he was becoming a bright, young college man, his parents were powerfully bonding with their irrepressible young sons and watching them grow up while pampering them every chance they got.

Mary was slightly more of a disciplinarian than Lincoln, and more than once did Lincoln reproach her for whipping the boys; he never touched a hair on their heads. While he may have banged a stick on the ground for grave effect, if Willie and Tad (especially Tad) were acting too uncontrollable, he had never struck either of them. He was known to have reproached Mary more than once for trying to discipline the boys in a harsh way.

Robert was a fire sign (Leo) and his mother was also a fire sign (Sagittarius), which would mean that for the most part, their compatibility was guaranteed. But as history shows it, their relationship had become very on-again-off-again, especially during the Civil War. He strongly disapproved of his mother’s pampering of Willie and Tad and also could not make her understand that her position as First Lady required of her more decorum and control. Mary Lincoln was loving to those whom she loved and unable to tolerate those whom she felt threatened by. There was nothing diplomatic about Robert Lincoln’s mother, as is documented by dozens of historians. Robert also felt that as a young man, Mary held him back from proving his manhood; the country was in the midst of a Civil War and many young men his age were volunteering to fight for their nation, but Mary, whose family-oriented Cancer Moon, could not let her son out of her sight for fear she would lose him. Lincoln had no problem with Robert joining up but Mary would not hear of it, thus causing Robert unbearable embarrassment and consternation.

There would also come a time when the relationship between Robert and his mother would come close to being severed forever. After Lincoln’s brutal assassination, the hyper-sensitive Mary went into an emotionally blue period, where she became slightly unstable mentally. This was not a permanent condition, for she later proved that she had completely come out of it. The estrangement began when Robert observed his mother behaving very oddly, he thought she was become quite uncontrollable. Bearing in mind what she had gone through; the loss of Eddie, Willie and then Lincoln, it is very understandable that she would react in a very emotional way to the world ever after these tragedies. Mary needed support and near-constant companionship and Robert, who had by then married and started his own little family, was unable to provide that constant support to her in the way she wanted. He couldn't keep an eye on her (true to the Sagittarian style, she traveled a great deal to alleviate her anxieties) and was embarassed by her actions to raise money by selling her clothes, etc. He thought she was shaming his father's good name.

That was the main reason why Robert thought she'd be better off if she was confined to a place where she could get treatment for her emotional imbalances, and decided to take her to court to forcibly commit her. Just before her insanity trial started (the author of this article does not believe that Mary was insane by any measure or at any time in her life) in Chicago, she had been carrying around bonds and documents worth thousands of dollars in her under clothes and dresses, fearing that she would be robbed. Her paranoia grew and nerves had begun to fail her, and the deaths that she had witnessed had left irreparable scars on an already extremely emotional woman who could not seem to function in life unless she could depend on someone. Most Cancer Moon people need a strong support system to depend on for approval and safety. Lincoln had been her true support, but then his life was suddenly cut short before her very eyes. Eddie, Willie and then her beloved Tad also died before her unbelieving eyes and finally, her trusted companion Mrs. Keckley seemed, in her understanding, to have betrayed her by writing an expose about her life and her relationships (not to mention her many ill-advised financial mistakes when she was in the bloom of power as First Lady). All these losses took a very terrible toll on her, and somewhere, she just broke.

After she was found "insane", so to speak, Robert asked that she be placed in a sanitorium. She never forgave her son for putting her through the public spectacle of being brought to court during her declining years and being judged incapable of looking after herself. Mary was a proud Kentuckian and proud too, of her former position as First Lady. She did not get along with his wife, also named Mary, therefore it may have been impossible for Robert to station her at home. He figured that this would be the best way to make sure that she would not hurt herself any further. But he may have made the gravest mistake of his life by alienating his mother. She was checked into and checked out of the sanatorium in Batavia, Illinois within three months of her confinement and went away to her sister’s house in Springfield. After this episode, which she saw as a complete severence of ties with Robert, she made sure that Robert knew exactly how much he had hurt her in a series of letters that are even now painful to read for those of us who wished for the unfortunate Lincoln family to enjoy even a little closeness after Lincoln was killed.

Robert may have understood that perhaps his reaction was a bit too extreme and then tried to bring his children with him to visit Mary, hoping that the sight of her little grandchildren would soften her very maternal heart. Any mother who has lost most of her own children tragically will surely melt at the sight of her grandchildren. He was right to some extent. But the pain of Robert’s actions never completely left Mary’s heart. Robert shared his Mother’s Destiny Number of the highly sensitive Neptunian 7, but it seems to have done little to bring them closer after this tragic mistake on his part. Instead it may have made them even more mistrustful of each other, while yearning at the same time to feel closer to each other. The Destiny Number of 7 can inspire but also blind; Neptune’s immense emotional fogs lift with great difficulty, and if neither person can realize that they are not seeing things, people and relationships clearly, it unfortunately never lifts at all.

Robert found a support in his wife but Mary’s emotional support was forever gone. No one could calm her easily agitated nerves with kid gloves like her husband, and he had suddenly vanished from her life. Her Cancer Moon sign, more than her Sagittarius Sun sign may have felt the jolt enough to paralyze her emotionally for life.

Robert’s Moon sign of Libra beautifully trined his father Sun in fellow air sign Aquarius. And yet there was this undecipherable distance between them. Robert loved his father dearly and never got over the loss when his father was assassinated on April 14th, 1865, but the world always sees him as this self-controlled, serious and introverted person who could never fully and freely open up about his feelings for his father and the way he was so heartlessly snatched away from the nation.

Numerologically, Robert had a Birth Number of 1 and a Destiny Number of 7. His mother also had a Destiny Number of 7, showing us that both had a great and unmistakable sensitivity about them. Where Cancer Moon Mary would blurt out what heart felt at any given moment, Libra Moon Robert would conceal and mull over. As a fire sign, one would expect Robert to be just as fiery as Mary, but his Libra Moon may have tempered his fiery Sun from being too transparent. Mary, however, told it like it was, which made her many enemies.

Robert must have had a temper though. His Sun in Leo coupled with a hot or excitable Birth Number of 1 may have caused him to lash out quite harshly if provoked, especially if someone pestered him about his memories of his father.

Edward "Eddie" Lincoln

Sun in Pisces
Moon in Leo
Birth Number 1
Destiny Number 5

The Lincoln's second son was called Eddie and was much loved by Lincoln and Mary. It is said that Lincoln thought that Eddie would have probably inherited Lincoln's lanky 6'4" frame. He was a "long" baby. Little Eddie died at age 3 due to diphtheria and Mary took his death particularly hard. Eddie accompanied his parents to Washington DC when his father was elected to Congress in October of 1847. He later traveled with his mother, who found Washing ton DC too boring, to Lexkington, Kentucky to visit this maternal grandfather's home. There his older borther Robert brought home a little kitten one day. Eddie fell in love with it and fed it with his own little hands. Unfortunately, Mary's step-mother found cats intolerable and ordered the hapless little animal to be thrown out. Little Eddie screamed and cried for it to be spared, but the grand dame of the household had her way. Mary, who never liked her step mother anyway, never forgave her for hurting Eddie's feelings so cruelly. Eddie died on February 1st, 1850.

William "Willie" Wallace Lincoln

Sun in Capricorn
Moon in Leo
Birth Number 3
Destiny Number 2

Mary's cousin, Elizabeth Todd Grimsley described Willie as a "noble, beautiful boy of nine years, of great mental activity, unusual intelligence, wonderful memory, methodical, frank and loving, a counterpart of his father, save that he was handsome." Willie was brown-haired like Mary and inherited her blue eyes, although he did not take after her slightly hysterical temperament. Willie, as most senior Lincoln scholars would concur, was Mary and Abraham’s favorite child. After his untimely demise at the tender age of 12, his younger brother Tad became the apple of their eyes. Let’s delve deeper into why they bonded more emotionally with Willie than with any other child. Willie was born under the same sign as his father's Moon sign: Capricorn. Mary would say that “Willie will be the hope and stay of my old age.” Both parents were greatly attached to him, each for different reasons. Willie was undoubtedly a Capricorn child, therefore he lacked the impetuous nature of his younger Aries brother Tad. Willie was studious and very self-controlled. Lincoln felt drawn to this child in particular and would see in Willie a picture perfect reflection of himself.

Strangely, Willie also had a Leo Moon sign, which would indicate, if the child had not succumbed to disease so tragically, that at some point, father and son would have had to make adjustments in order to be around one another emotionally. Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs, but thankfully, Willie’s Capricorn Sun thrived on the attention his father showered him with. Lincoln used to say that Willie came up with solutions and maneuvered around difficult situations much like himself.

Willie shared Lincoln’s Birth Number of 3 and had a Destiny Number of emotional 2, which may have given him the patience and sensitivity that is symbolic of the Moon-ruled number 2. Where Tad was impish, Willie was watchful. Where Tad was defiant, Willie was compliant. If Tad was temperamental, Willie would help quiet him down, much like his father would help quiet down Mary where she got into one of her unshakeable moods. Once Tad broke a large mirrow at the White House with his play ball, and was hoping no one would notice. Willie reminded Tad that "This is not our mirror, it belongs to the American government." Understanding, responsible, religious as a child and studious, Willie was the Lincolns’ ideal child.

It has been observed that Tad, who was an Aries, was most like Mary while Willie, who was a Capricorn, resembled his father the most. Willie had an earthy Sun sign but also had many planets in Sagittarius (his Sun, Mars, Venus and Chiron). But his Mercury and Sun in Capricorn found affinity with Lincoln’s Moon in Capricorn. Lincoln himself often said that he used to watch Willie and found that he was a lot like him. Willie’s North Node in Leo makes one wonder that, had he enjoyed better health and had the chance to grow up, he could have made a fine leader. Willie was very protective of Tad as well. Lincoln was heart broken when Willie died. Elizabeth Keckley said that "He was his father's favorite. They were intimates - often seen hand in hand."

Willie's presence continued to be felt by both his parents. His mother told her half-sister, Emilie Todd Helm, "He comes to me every night, and stands at the foot of my bed with the same sweet, adorable smile he has always had; he does not always come alone; little Eddie is sometimes with him and twice he has come with our brother Alec, he tells me he loves his Uncle Alec and is with him most of the time. You cannot dream of the comfort this gives me. When I thought of my little son in immensity, alone, without his mother to direct him, no one to hold his little hand in loving guidance, it nearly broke my heart."

Thomas “Tad” Lincoln

Sun in Aries
Moon in Pisces
Birth Number 4
Destiny Number 7

Tad, as the nation came to know him during the great Civil War, became the Lincolns’ most treasured child after the demise of Willie. He was dark haired, dark eyed, super-energetic and insatiably curious. Doesn't the little guy strike a handsome pose in his army uniform in the pictures above? According to Mary Todd Lincoln's cousin, Elizabeth Todd Grimsley, he was "a gay, gladsome, merry, spontaneous fellow, bubbling over with innocent fun, whose laugh rang through the house, when not moved to tears. Quick in mind, and impulse, like his mother, with her naturally sunny temperament, he was the life, as also the worry of the household." Known as the “little tyrant in the White House”, Tad symbolized all the energy of playfulness of his Aries Sun sign, while displaying a sensitive side as well, due to his Pisces Moon sign. Tad was born with a cleft palate and would never be able to talk clearly like Willie. White House guard William Crook later recalled: "Taddie could never speak very plainly. He had his own language; the names that he gave some of us we like to remember to-day. The President was 'papa-day,' which meant 'papa dear.' Tom Pendel was 'Tom Pen,' and I was "Took.' But for all his baby tongue he had a man's heart, and in some things a man's mind. I believe he was the best companion Mr. Lincoln ever had—one who always understood him, and whom he always understood."

This speech impediment made his parents even more loving toward him; his lisp may have made him appear very adorable. Whenever he got into trouble, he would promise to give people his "after-David" as proof he wouldn't be naughty again. His after-David was his version of affidavit. High strung and very restless, Tad would not be able to sit still for a moment, which would mean that Mary Lincoln got quite a workout and would have had to run around their home trying to catch him and make him listen. With four planets in rambunctious Aries, Tad was quite the little mischief maker and sometimes the more studious Willie would have to remind him to slow down and watch where he was going. No doubt Tad got Willie into many a boyish skirmish and watched while Willie diplomatically tried to bail him out. Tad's luck in life came from his mother; Tad’s Jupiter in Sagittarius connects to Mary’s Sun in Sagittarius. He loved pets and kept a dog, goats and a pony at the White House. The Lincolns also allowed the children to keep pets while still in Springfield before the presidential years in Washington.

Noah Brooks, a friend of the Lincolns wrote that “one would suppose that there were at least six boys where he was suppose to be” as to Tad’s bubbly and happy-go-lucky nature.  Stelliums in Aries and Taurus suggest that he was very emulative of his father. Indeed when Willie passed away prematurely, Tad and Lincoln grew infinitely closer. Tad found ways of being physically near his father due to the trauma of having his best playmate snatched away from him by disease and Lincoln made sure that Tad had full access to him anytime he felt lonely, sometimes even during important cabinet. One can guess how much heartburn Tad gave the ever-serious Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton who was not a patient man. But Mr. Lincoln was. What was often considered bratty by others was considered adorable by his father, to whom he was devoted. When the President would try to send him away from his office, Tad would reply: "No, no, Papa. I want to stay and see the people."

Tad had his own special code for entering his father's office—three quick taps and two slow bangs—but he needed no code to reach his father's tender heart. The President virtually refused to discipline or restrain his youngest son. Tad had free rein in the house and grounds—disrupting staff, meetings, and social occasions at will. Noah Brooks wrote that, "I was once sitting with the President in the library when Tad tore into the room in search of something, and having found it, he threw himself on his father like a small thunderbolt, gave him one wild, fierce hug, and without a word, fled from the room before his father could put out a hand to detain him." According to Assistant Secretary of War Charles A. Dana, "Often I sat by Tad's father reporting to him about some important matter that I had been ordered to inquire into, and he would have this boy on his knee; and, while he would perfectly understand the report, the striking thing about him was his affection for the child."

Lincoln's private secretary John Hay recalled Tad with fondness when he wrote his obituary: "He was so full of life and vigor—so bubbling over with health and high spirits, that he kept the house alive with his pranks and his fantastic enterprises. He was always a 'chartered libertine,' and after the death of his brother Willie, a prematurely serious and studious child, and the departure of Robert for college, he installed himself as the absolute tyrant of the Executive Mansion. He was idolized by both his father and mother, petted and indulged by his teachers, and fawned upon and caressed by that noisome horde of office-seekers which infested the ante-rooms of the White House. He had a very bad opinion of books and no opinion of discipline, and thought very little of any tutor who would not assist him in yoking his kids to a chair or in driving his dogs tandem over the South Lawn. He was as shrewd as he was lawless, and always knew whether he could make a tutor serviceable or not. If he found one with obstinate ideas of the superiority of grammar to kite-flying as an intellectual employment, he soon found means of getting rid of him. He had so much to do that he felt he could not waste time in learning to spell. Early in the morning you could hear his shrill pipe resounding through the dreary corridors of the Executive residence. The day passed in a rapid succession of plots and commotions, and when the President laid down his weary pen toward midnight, he generally found his infant goblin asleep under his table or roasting his curly head by the open fire-place; and the tall chief would pick up the child and trudge off to bed with the drowsy little burden on his shoulder, stooping under the doors and dodging the chandeliers. The President took infinite comfort in the child's rude health, fresh fun, and uncontrollable boisterousness. He was pleased to see him growing up in ignorance of books, but with singularly accurate ideas of practical matters. He was a fearless rider, while yet so small that his legs stuck out horizontally from the saddle. He had that power of taming and attaching animals to himself, which seems the especial gift of kindly and unlettered natures. 'Let him run,' the easy-going President would say; 'he has time enough left to learn his letters and get pokey. Bob was just such a little rascal, and now he is a very decent boy."

With his Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus in impatient Aries, it is possible that Tad may have become a bit more attention-seeking, which is understandable. Mary and Lincoln both allowed Tad to sleep in their bed after Willie died. Which would have been a good idea, knowing how emotional Tad was at that time. Tad’s Moon in Pisces made him very sensitive, especially when he was told he couldn’t have something. Perhaps a bit spoilt, Tad got even more of his parent’s attention after Willie died. Numerology shows that Tad’s Birth Number of 4 would have given him a chance to truly become his parent’s support when he matured into a young man. But fate didn’t allow him that chance, he passed away at the young age of only 18 after contracting tuberculosis when he was returning from a stay in England with Mary. Before he died, however, he did mellow out and mature a lot. Gone was the tantrumy Tad of the White House who would burst upon guests in the East Room of the White House, sitting on a chair that was being pulled along by two speedy goats, with Tad yelling "Get out of the way!". In his place came a tender-hearted boy who became his mother's only joy in life after leaving the White House. Tad became his mother's faithful traveling companion when Mary began globe trotting after the assassination of her beloved husband. He lived in Germany as well as England and had tutors in both countries. Tad's Aries Sun blended seamlessly with Mary's Sagittarius Sun sign. They became close and were unable to live without each other. Tad even watched over Mary when she was ill. She said that sometimes she saw Lincoln's eyes in Tad's eyes as he tended to her as she lay sick in bed.

Major Players in the American Civil War

The American Civil War made a number of people, in public and private life, famous. Here are the Sun Signs and Birth Numbers of some of them.

Abraham Lincoln ~ Feb 12 (Aquarius 3) (Destiny Number 5)

Ann Rutledge ~ Jan 17 (Capricorn 7) (Destiny Number 3)

Mary Todd Lincoln ~ Dec 13 (Sagittarius 4) (Destiny Number 7)

Tad Lincoln ~ April 4 (Aries 4)

Willie Lincoln ~ Dec 21 (Capricorn 3)

Eddie Lincoln ~ Mar 10 (Pisces 1)

Robert Lincoln ~ Aug 1 (Leo 1)

Thomas Lincoln ~ Jan 6 (Capricorn 6) (Destiny Number 3)

Nancy Hanks Lincoln ~ Feb 5 (Aquarius 5) (Destiny Number 9)

Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln ~  Dec 13 (Sagittarius 4) (Destiny Number 4)

Joshua Speed ~ Nov 14 (Scorpio 5)

Ward Hill Lamon ~ Jan 6th (Capricorn 6)

William Herndon ~ Dec 25 (Capricorn 7)

Julia Ward Howe ~ May 27 (Gemini 9)

Henry Clay ~ April 12 (Aries 3)

Thomas Jefferson ~ April 13 (Aries 4)

James Buchanan ~ April 23 (Taurus 5)

Stephen Douglas ~ April 23 (Taurus 5)

Ulysses S. Grant ~ April 27 (Taurus 9)

James Monroe ~ April 28 (Taurus 1)

Horace Mann ~ May 4 (Taurus 4)

Horace Greeley ~ 3 Feb (Aquarius 3)

John Brown ~ May 9 (Taurus 9)

Jeff Davis ~ June 3 (Gemini 3)

Harriet Beecher Stowe ~ June 14 (Gemini 5)

Rutherford B. Hayes ~ Oct 4 (Libra 4)

Edwin Booth ~ Nov 13 (Scorpio 4)

Zachary Taylor ~ Nov 24 (Sagittarius 6)

George Custer ~ Dec 5 (Sagittarius 5)

William L. Garrison ~ Dec 10 (Sagittarius 1)

Clara Barton ~ Dec 25 (Capricorn 7)

Andrew Johnson ~ Dec 29 (Capricorn 2)

Robert E. Lee ~ Jan 19 (Capricorn 1)

Stonewall Jackson ~ Jan 21 (Capricorn 3)

William Tecumseh Sherman ~ Feb 8 (Aquarius 8)

Andrew Jackson ~ Mar 15 (Pisces 6)

Roger Taney ~ Mar 17 (Pisces 8)

George McClellan ~ Dec 3 (Sagittarius 3)

Winfield Scott ~ June 13 (Gemini 4)

John Fremont ~ Jan 21 (Aquarius 3)

Lincoln's Cabinet

William Seward ~ 16 May ( Taurus 7)

Simon Cameron ~ 8 March (Pisces 8)

Salmon Chase ~ Jan 21 (Aquarius 4)

Edwin Stanton ~ Dec 19 (Sagittarius 1)

Gideon Welles ~ July 1 (Cancer 1)

Lincoln's Assassin

J. W. Booth ~ May 10 (Taurus 1)

The Conspirators

Lewis Thornton Powell ~ April 22 (Taurus 4)

George Atzerodt ~ June 12 ( Gemini 3)

David Herold ~ June 16 (Gemini 7)

Samuel Arnold ~ Sept 6 (Virgo 6)

Mary Surratt ~ exact day of birth unknown, May 1823

John Surratt ~ April 13 (Aries 4)

Dr. Samuel Mudd ~ Dec 20 (Sagittarius 2)

Edman Spangler ~ Aug 10 (Leo 1)

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